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Birthday:  February 9, 2005

Hometown:  Portland, OR

I started driving indoor paved rental go-karts just before the age of four under the direction of my grandfather, who drove a career in stock cars. I quickly adapted to the basics and acquired an understanding of what got the car around the track. Soon I graduated to winged outlaw go-karts, skipping the lower classes and starting in the 125cc class and having winning success. As I progressed through the classes and won in the highest 500cc class ( youngest in history).

At age eleven ( with special permission)! was allowed to race in the highest 500 cc division in the highest ranked race in the nation, the Millbridge Speedway Speed 51 Open Challenge. To the surprise of many, I qualified 8th out of over 100 of the highest-rated drivers in the nation, including some of the best Nascar drivers in the nation, (Including the likes of Kyle Larson and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.) and some of the highest ranked sprint car and midget drivers, such as Tanner Thorsen, Rico Abreu, Logan Seavey, Jesse Colwell, and others. I won the qualifying race after swapping the lead back and forth with Stenhouse. Winning the qualifier put me in the prestigious Millbridge trophy dash with all the big names.

In order to learn many different forms of racing my grandfather also had me racing large outdoor paved road courses in the league at Pat's Acres in Oregon. I was able to win many races in the adult class and won Rookie to the Year in my first season. In the next season, I went on to win the majority of all the races.



I would like to use all the blessings God has given me in and out of motorsports to succeed on and off the race track, to be a role model, student, son and race car driver and to compete in races and for championships, as well as to always exhibit good sportsmanship no matter what the result.

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